Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pillars of the online and offline communities, the fantastical #MeadowsMaze and the best quality, local-sourced food you can find... including #bacon !!

Photographed, written and shared by Steve Robinson -

Meet The Hopcotts!
It's hard to find anyone who brings more delicious, nutritional goodness and honest, hard working connection to their community than Bob Hopcott and his team at Hopcott's Premium Meats in Pitt Meadows, BC.

They are a 3rd generation family run butcher shop located on a family farm, committed to bringing quality, local, farm fresh products direct to your table. Their history, story and selection of products is well worth checking out.

This is the Hopcott Team >

Meet YVR Bloggers!

It is equally as hard to find many online communities that have brought so many incredible, original, talented and connected Vancouver voices to life online as Ricky Shetty and the YVR Bloggers.

YVR Bloggers is a passionate community of bloggers based out of Vancouver, Canada and an online hub for those who live in this beautiful city to share their more personal experiences.

YVR Bloggers is just one of Ricky's growing online communities.
This is a link to their website >

A meet and greet and an awesome selection of delicious local foods.

On Saturday, August 9, 2014 these two communities came together to celebrate the Grand Opening Day for Hopcott's Meadow Maze and celebrate 100 years of the Canadian 4-H Council.

The hungry, happy group of bloggers and their families were treated to some of Hopcott's history by Bob and several of his team. Then they were treated to a delicious selection of some of the amazing foods that are part of the products they carry.
Even the ranchers that raise Hopcott's beef were on hand.

The highlight of the 3 hour meetup was #YVRBloggers Meadows Maze Adventure!

The science and technology behind the construction of Meadow's Maze is quite fascinating and there are 3 mazes to explore depending on how much time you have. There is a short hay ride where you can learn all about the maze and some fun tidbits about corn as well.

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Check this out > LOCAL SOURCED GOODS. 

If you love what you find, send them a message online. Links are below or on their respective websites. Have a great summer!


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